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Travel Tips for Canada #1

Okay Folks, this goes out to everyone who plans to visit my home country.

The nice thing about CA is that you can get everything you want – not only vibrant cities like Vancouver, Ottawa or Montreal, but also an astonishing landscape which you can e. g. find in the Banff National Park. It’s only a matter of your personal interests.

Things to see:

Bay of Fundy

Cabot Trail


Northern Lights

Quebec City



• Fresh seafood (mussels, salmon, lobster, prawns).
• Poutine (fries smothered in cheese curds and gravy).
• Maple syrup
• Nanaimo bar (super sweet chocolatey biscuit bar layered with vanilla or custard buttercream and topped with chocolate).
• Montreal smoked meat (cured beef usually piled high in a sandwich accompanied by mustard).
• BC roll (British Columbian speciality roll made with rice, seaweed, grilled salmon and cucumber).

Tiping: Normally 15% of the bill


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